Sonprayag is a place of religious significance located in-route to Kedarnath Dham. Prayag means confluence and Sonprayag lies at the confluence of two holy rivers Basuki and Mandakini. In Hindu religion, bath at the Prayags is believed to be holy and attainment of Moksha is possible.

Sonprayag offers a scintillating views of snow covered mountains and lush green Sonprayag valley. It is situated at an elevation of 1829 mtrs above sea level. Famous temple of Triyuginarayan (Trijuginarayan) in Triyugi village is also located near Sonprayag.



Gandhi Sarovar

Gandhi Sarovar is a small lake holding crystal clear water. Gandhi Sarovar is also known as Chorabari Tal because it is situated on the mouth of Chorabari Bamak glacier. Gandhi Sarovar lies on the foot of Kedarnath and Kirthi Stambh peak at an astounding altitude of 3,900mts above sea level.

Gandhi Sarovar blesses the travelers with invigorating views of the imposing Himalayan peaks. It is advised to visit Gandhi Sarovar early in the morning, because the weather of this region changes rapidly.

The 14 km trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath goes through virgin deodar and oak forest and picturesque waterfalls. The 3km trek commences from the iron bridge of Kedarnath and ends up at Gandhi Sarovar.

Kalimath Temple

Kalimath is a religious place located on the banks of Saraswati river in Rudraprayag district. Located at a height of 1800 mtr, Kalimath is one of the 108 Shakti Peeths in Uttarakhand. Kalimath lies on lap of nature offering salubrious and divine environment. Goddess Kali Temple is located in Kalimath.

Legends believe that after killing devil Raktbeej, Goddess Kali went underneath the ground at this place. A silver plate (Sri Yantra) covering a point where Goddess Kali entering the earth is worshipped by pilgrims and devotees. A Kali Mata Temple was built around the silver plate. The silver plate is never opened except on the eighth day of Navratri when Sri Yantra is taken out of the temple and only Chief Priest perform Puja at midnight.

Triyugi Narayan Temple

Triyugi Narayan Temple is a well known Hindu pilgrimage located at Triyugi village in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Lord Vishnu is the deity of the Triyugi Narayan temple. Hindu scripture narrates this place where Lord Shiva and Parvati married. As wedding is done in front of Lord Vishnu, so Triyugi Narayan Temple was built at that place. This temple is also called by Trijugi Narayan Temple sometimes. Located at height of 1980 mtrs, this temple offers panoramic views of snow covered mountains with beauty of Garhwal hill region.

By Flight
Nearest airport for Sonprayag is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (226 kms).
By Train
Nearest railway station to reach Sonprayag is at Dehradun (251 kms) or Rishikesh railway station (212 kms).
By Road
Sonprayag is located between Rudraprayag and Gaurikund in-route to Kedarnath. Gaurikund is at 8 km from Sonprayag and one can reach by hire taxi or take sharing jeep or bus from Rudraprayag.

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